We finally had a day that we could get away from the office and take a drive into the countryside. It was interesting to see how the rice is harvested. This farmer has a small combine, but most do it all by hand. The Caribou, pronounced like Caribow, are used for moving loads. We saw them working almost everywhere.  It seems like everything here is done by hand. It is typical to see ladies doing the laundry at the river, or in town by hand in the driveway. then hang it on whatever is available. We are lucky that we do have an automatic washer and dryer, Thank goodness.

We have a General Authority visiting our mission in October and we will be accompanying him as we show him around the mission. That will be exciting to be able to spend 3 days with he and his wife.

Being here sure makes us thankful for the blessing we take for granted by living in Utah and America. It would be nice if all Americans could experience first hand how so many of the people around the world live every day working just to survive.

Our testimonies of the truthfulness of the Gospel  have grown, And we thank our Heavenly Father for this opportunity.


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